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About Us

Creating a Healthier and Wealthier Social Scene.

We are investors in art.

Our Story

In 2017 we began by creating a small blog that had the purpose to inspire human beings to reach their full potential. In 2019 that purpose came to life at the first HTBS event "Succeed at Any Age." That event attracted artists from every walk of life.

Since then we have partnered with countless artists teaching them business skills to generate income for themselves. We have been recognized and partnered with brands such as Mark Cuban, We Work, Bumble, and The Virgin Hotels.

Today we pick artists based on the content of their character, focusing on our core values of education, creation, and connection. At the heart of what we do is encourage artists to create their dreams and believe in themselves.

We help artists organize their 3 year plan to prepare them to be true socialites in their chosen industries focusing on skills such as content creation, entrepreneurship, and choosing wise investments.

Our Portfolio of Talent


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