Creative Entrepreneurship Lessons From Get Paid & Published


Last Thursday, we heard from the most badass panel of women who push boundaries in creative entrepreneurship. 

 There are lots of lessons to be learned in the vast world of creative entrepreneurship, and our creative community got the chance to hear from published photographers, models, and journalists at our Get Paid & Published event. 

To start off the 3-part workshop, Dallas lawyer Amanda Montgomery taught us how to be confident in negotiating contracts…

This helped us ensure creative entrepreneurs are getting paid exactly what they deserve. She answered our communities legal questions and discussed details about the power of proclamation.

 Then, we heard from none other than the amazing creatives, model Kris Davied and photographer Jamie House…

They showed us how to set up the mood for a shoot and the planning that needs to take place before you even grab a camera. Also, we got sweet tips about things like expanding your portfolio, submitting those beautiful shots into magazines, and utilizing some post shoot expectations.

 Of course, we took a pie break from @buttermilkskypieallentx and mingled. What’s better than a pie break? Other than getting paid and published we couldn’t really think of much.

 Last, but CERTAINLY not least, we learned numerous lessons from multifaceted badasses Kathy Tran and Leah Frazier…

These ladies motivated our creative community to be diligent in reaching your goals, and got super real on some of the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Kathy and Leah spoke about how they manifested their dream careers and how we could do the same. One thing's for sure, we left the workshop ready to start creating our own paths of creative entrepreneurship.

 Overall, the workshop was exceptionally informational and inspiring. Our community left with tons of tangible steps to start getting paid and published. Thank you to our astounding panel of speakers, and make sure you check out them and some of our other upcoming events so you can learn more and meet others within our creative community!

Lauren Sparger