A few tips before you get ALLL the tips tonight at Your Creative Community

Before our Your Creative Community event *TONIGHT* (5pm at Fat Bear Coworking, be there or be square), we wanted to give you just a couple of tips before you get ALLLLL the tips from our creatives speaking on the panel. 

We interviewed none other than Cameron Cook, founder of his own personal brand “Camdid”, and the “Couple of Cameras” creators, Christa and Cesar! These three are total badasses who want to help you learn everything about creativity, entrepreneurship, life and more tonight! For now, here’s a few tips!

Do you feel building a brand is important for a photographer? How did you decide to build Camdid/ Couple of Cameras?

Cameron: As a photographer, it is very important because you need to realize what your motive is. My motive wasn’t just to take pictures of people, it’s to include the people in the process as well. Photographers need to be able to direct. This makes a difference by allowing you to show their emotions or their “candidness”. Building a brand allows you to truly create personalized content, and it also makes you love it a lot more.

Christa: A personal brand is soooo important because you’re your own boss. You basically go “survival mode” and have to take charge in making sure people remember you. I always think of How to be Social when I see the blue and yellow! 

Cesar: For example, Christa is more fun and vibrant in her photography while i’m more serious and professional. This is like an extension of our personality, what businesses we want to work with, and how our photography eventually looks. Find what you like and want to be known for. 

How do you push through creative blocks?

Cameron: I usually go back to my favorite TV shows, photographers, YouTubers, really anything and look at the way they film things and look at their concepts. Other people have the answers, you don’t always have the answers. There’s a saying in communication theory that goes “How do we know what we know, if we know it all? We don’t know anything about what we know”. 

Christa: None of your work will be absolutely perfect. Accepting that each individual piece you create isn’t a masterpiece, but the collection of your work is! If you are struggling though, find another creative friend and work with them or check out someone who inspires you and their work!

Cesar: It can be really hard to find balance when you have a lot of things going on. I’d say take a week or two off and do something you really like. Sleep and time to yourself is definitely important. 

How did you start finding other people and clients to work with? 

Cameron: It all started with networking. To generate leads, I found out it’s best not to go around saying “I do photography, so hire me”. Instead, listen to what they have to say and if they say they need something along the lines of content then bring up that you create content. Make it personable and share your work in a way that’s genuine. I try to wear a suit usually because it makes my work seem more professional without even saying it.

If you could sit in a room with yourself from 1 year ago, what’s one piece of advice you’d give?

Christa: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. I remember I was terrified to step out of my comfort zone when I showed up to my first meetup. Everyone was more experienced than me and I didn’t feel like I belonged, but I was able to put myself out there. I’m positive everyone goes through an awkward phase, but it will go away and you’ll be more confident in yourself.

Cesar: I’d say to tap into what interests you. I was always stressed with school and never invested fully into myself. Have courage to push your creative side.

Come out to Your Creative Community TONIGHT, 5pm at Fat Bear Coworking to get much more tips! See you there and Stay Social!! Photo credit to: Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Lauren Sparger