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Creator Jewels

Musician, Model, and Full Time Content Creator

Introducing Creator Jewels, curated by Hannah Jewel Clark, she's the ultimate Hollywood persona and class act. Born under the sign of Aries, she challenges normative gender roles and defies expectations.


Reflecting her bold and fierce nature, her colors are red and black. Whether in jazz clubs, art galleries, or simply enjoying ice cream, she commands attention wherever she goes. Creator Jewels is not just about style; she's committed to social impact, representing women of all cultures and a few good gentlemen.


Through her platform, she strives to redefine boundaries, leaving her mark as a symbol of strength and individuality, and making a positive difference in the world. 

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A Bit About Me

Creator Jewels began simply as Hannah Jewel Clark. After graduating with her PR & Journalism degree minor in World Studies she began going by Jewels. She moved to Dallas and began working for D Magazine underneath the Dallas Innovates brand. She started hosting her own art and entrepreneurial events as well as creating inspirational content centered around fashion, beauty, and music.  

During the next 5 years she learned digital marketing working at a small boutique agency and went on to start her own freelance digital marketing business. She has worked with numerous brands creating unique content focused on inspiring others to be the creator of their own realities and join communities suited for personal growth.


She continues to expeirment with new techniques and grow her own social brands with music, fashion, and beauty content and shares her favorite products and brands to over 50k followers across Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, and Linkedin.


Work Experience | Music

Early Childhood



Being raised in a musical family she began learning music by ear from an early age. She picked up the guitar in her teens and found a love for writing music. Though a passionate writer and singer she left the music to her family and focused on other pursuits. 

Rooted in her heart music found a way back into her life. She released her first single "Favorite Moments" going viral on Tiktok. Hitting over 5k streams within the first month. The remaining singles we're released as part of Creator Jewels' first EP "Defining Moments."


She is developing multiple projects to be released over the next couple years as EPs and eventually an album. She has performed at SXSW, in LA, Nashville, and across Texas over a dozen times. She has the ability to get 50 - 100 people to her shows through her honed promotion skills.

This year she has 6 music performances for her EP "Defining Moments" alongside new sneak peaks of upcoming projects in DTX, ATX, and HTX. Her goal is to be bringing in crowds of 300 - 500 people by the end of the year as well as release 2 new singles.


NYFW, Alo, Rare Heart Vintage, Amazon, and more.

Work Experience | Modeling




Small beginnings with modeling at Zeus Boutique in Rockwall, TX. Over the next 8 years Creator Jewels honed the craft of modeling, directing, and production. Once reaching the top of her game she moved to Dallas to expand her portfolio. 

After training with a physical trainer and learning more about her body and diet she was able to apply and gain booking for NYFW. She modeled for 5 different designers. She has been published on dozens of magazines and walked numerous runways.

This year she is looking to capture the Texas market representing brands thats are female owned (as well as a few good men) through influencing and content creation.

Content Creation

Work Experience | Content Creation




"Do what everyone says you're good at," a line from a podcast that started Creator Jewels on her content creation and influencing journey. She began posting regularly and getting more involved in the content creator community while pursuing her influencing. She learned how to gain paid brand deals and began creating a side hustle from her work and helping other creators get paid too.

The year of 10k on Instagram and her first viral video on Tiktok. She learned to define her audience through music beauty and fashion as well as talking more about mental health and collaborating with other influencers.

Now she is building alongside the other Socialites in the HTBS portfolio. Focusing on pursuing new business while creating innovative content that engages the community locally, statewide, and internationally. She currently has 11.2k on Instagram, 30.6k on Tiktok, 230 on Youtube, and 5k on Linkedin.